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The roofing materials that Usher Roofing chooses to provide are of the finest quality and provide us and you the best warranties on the market. We use Malarkey and Iko fiberglass roofing shingles for we know they are the best. We will install others if that is what or customer (you) desire. Remember a shingle is only a water shedding device. It is the roofing contractor that you choose that takes the product and makes it watertight. Usher Roofing always goes over and above the specs that the manufacturer asks for. Feel free to click on the links provided and read up on these products. Terry Usher

Preferred Products are:

We will install most other products.

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With more than 20 years experience serving Nanaimo and the Central Island, Usher Roofing's trained professionals and quality products are the solution to all commercial or residential roofing requirements.